Heatherport           Longtown            Metrovore           Celestia
ClickIn the deep waters near the Azores, where long ago Atlantis once shone, the night falls a little darker. Sailors claim they've seen the phantom continent emerge like mist from the waves. They also say it is haunted. The restless spirits that appear are not of warriors or philosopher kings, but of
. The ghosts propel themselves across time and longitude to congregate on this ethereal landscape. Some were destroyed, some abandoned, others just faded from memory. Here they are reconstructed from the ether, a gathering of immortal skylines rising into glorious clarity.
          Samharkland, Pompeii, Hiroshima, Alexandria, Ur, Troy, Ulan Bator, Carthage, Subashi, Gomorrah, Ubar, Tell-El-Maskutah, Helice, Edo, Machu Picchu, Herakleion, Angkor Thom, Ephesus. There are others among them, municipalities unknown in history, places not of this earth. 
          The wind wails through their immaterial streets, giving them voice. The choir of ghost cities sing into the night. They sing of other lost places, legends of metropoli that may or may not have existed on any world, fables of stone and glass, canons of construction, gospels of towers and tenements. True urban mythology.
          They sing so that their fallen brethren may once again rise.
          But for now they remain cities in shadow.          

Heatherport           Longtown            Metrovore           Celestia