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The Iron Garden

by Jeff Patterson on 05/23/17

Very pleased that my novella The Iron Garden was selected as the lead story in the first volume of the Worlds Enough series, Fantastic Defenders. It's got a cursed city, an old sorceress, a talking ape who's good with a blade, a suicidal angel, a mysterious warlock imprisoned under a monastery, and a malignant entity stalking the streets. It's available on Kindle.

Worlds Enough: Fantastic Defenders (Volume 1)

And a reminder that my novelette War Ghosts appeared in the anthology Reliquary earlier this year.


Both are available on Amazon from Tannhauser Press.

Blogger's Note

by Jeff Patterson on 12/19/15

There will be no new Bad Day Studio Holiday Card for 2015.

SF Signal Mind Meld

by Jeff Patterson on 11/04/15

I am a participant in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld discussing our favorite audiobooks.

It is November

by Jeff Patterson on 11/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is Vitamin D.

I totally forgot to mention that the last episode of the Three Hoarsemen featured a chat with Greg van Eekhout. And a reminder we are on iTunes.

It is October

by Jeff Patterson on 10/07/15

The Molecule of the Month is Ivermectin.

I will be at Capclave in Gaithersburg MD on October 9 and 10.