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SF Signal Mind Meld

by Jeff Patterson on 11/04/15

I am a participant in the latest SF Signal Mind Meld discussing our favorite audiobooks.

It is November

by Jeff Patterson on 11/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is Vitamin D.

I totally forgot to mention that the last episode of the Three Hoarsemen featured a chat with Greg van Eekhout. And a reminder we are on iTunes.

It is October

by Jeff Patterson on 10/07/15

The Molecule of the Month is Ivermectin.

I will be at Capclave in Gaithersburg MD on October 9 and 10.

The 300th episode of the SF Signal Podcast

by Jeff Patterson on 09/28/15

Patrick Hester invited me on as one of the guests fot the 300th episode of the Hugo winning SF Signal Podcast.

The Three Hoarsemen with Joe Monti of Saga Press

by Jeff Patterson on 09/23/15

On the latest episode of the Three Hoarsemen, Joe Monti tells us about the future of Space Opera. I read Ann Radcliff and yell at Mr. Robot.

A reminder we are now on iTunes.