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by Jeff Patterson on 03/07/11

On the latest SF Signal Podcast the irregulars explain why they don't watch Fringe.

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1. GC said on 3/10/11 - 12:56PM
Left the same comment on the SF Signal page, but I really meant it for you: Fringe is almost unwatchable in its early episodes, but the latter half of season two and all of season three have been pretty great. With SF basically chased off television entirely, it's one of the best shows left. io9 had a decent <a href="http://io9.com/5652372/want-to-get-into-fringe-these-are-the-episodes-you-need-to-watch">how to catch up on Fringe</a> feature not that long ago. If you balked at the early garbage, give it another chance now that the series mythos has shifted into the fairly successful alt-universe arc...

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