Gravity Lens

On The Air

by Jeff Patterson on 09/15/14

On the latest episode of the Hugo-Award winning SF Signal Podcast we discuss authors we cannot get enough of. Over the weekend I had a rememberance of Moonbase Alpha there as well.

It is September

by Jeff Patterson on 09/01/14

The Molecule of the Month is Tramandol.

Your humble friend and narrator turns 52 today.

On The Air

by Jeff Patterson on 08/25/14

On the latest episode of the Hugo Award Winning SF Signal podcast we talk about rebooting the Star Wars books.


by Jeff Patterson on 08/18/14

The SF Signal Podcast won the Hugo for Best Fancast last night.

Host and producer Patrick Hester exhibited his usual bad judgment in having me on as a panelist about ten times last year. In fact the Three Hoarsemen Podcast got its start as a fill-in when Patrick was too swamped with real-life affairs, before spinning off on our own.

Anyways, nice to know there are listeners.

The Three Hoarsemen Episode 12 : The Guardians of the Galaxy

by Jeff Patterson on 08/14/14

As epic terrors imperil the cosmos, Fred Kiesche, myself, and the newly cyberneticized John E. O. Stevens blaze across the heavens wielding wit, fortitude, and implausibly potent weapons of dubious origin to discuss the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Hoarsemen share their opinions on the movie (SPOILER ALERT), then turn their attentions to the comics which spawned it. Fred wrestles with the convoluted continuity of Marvel's cosmic playground, while life-long readers John and Jeff endure the dual threats of retcon and reboot. Why was the first iteration of Jason Quill such a jackass? Will we ever see Mantis on the big screen? And can anyone defeat Taserface!

As usual, the chaotic cosmic conversation concludes with the customary captivating chronicles of Culture Consumed. (Long-time Marvel fans, see what I did there?)

The celestial vastness awaits! Quickly! Before the spacetime continuum is torn asunder!