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On The Air

by Jeff Patterson on 05/19/14

In the latest installment of the Hugo-nominated SF Signal Podcast I and several others discuss topics we bring to thetable in a free-for-all. Thrill to the sound of me dealing with audio issues!

It is May

by Jeff Patterson on 05/01/14

The Molecule of the Month is yummy Sucrose.

On The Air

by Jeff Patterson on 04/15/14

On the latest episode of the SF Signal Podcast, fellow Hoarseman Fred Kiesche, authors Gail Carriger, Django Wexler, and AJ Sikes, and myself discuss our take on Military SF.

The (Four) Hoarsemen

by Jeff Patterson on 04/10/14

In the latest installment of The Three Hoarsemen, Fred, John and myself are joined by the intrepid Paul Weimer to discuss the works of Charles Sheffield, as well as our take on Ann Leckie's Nebula-nominated novel Ancillary Justice.

This Round's On Me

by Jeff Patterson on 04/09/14

Mr. Paul Weimer ask me to participate in his latest Mind Meld at SF Signal. The question is "What characters have you encountered in Fantasy and SF that you'd like to buy a pint for?"