Gravity Lens

The Three Hoarsemen with Stina Leicht

by Jeff Patterson on 07/16/15

On our latest episode John Stevens talks about his time at Readercon, and we all chat with Stina Leicht about her new novel Cold Iron.

The Three Hoarsemen: Lines of Longitude

by Jeff Patterson on 07/02/15

In our latest episode, John Stevens reads the Hugo nominees, Fred Kiesche educates himself, and I yap about Secret Wars. This installment pushes the two hour mark!

It is July

by Jeff Patterson on 07/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is Gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Weapons Walk Among Us

by Jeff Patterson on 06/23/15

I have a new piece at the Science Fiction Book Club about the SF history of weapons in human form.

Is He Talking to Us?

by Jeff Patterson on 06/01/15

S. C. Flynn has posted his interview with The Three Hoarsemen.