Gravity Lens

It is June

by Jeff Patterson on 06/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is 1, 3-Butadiene.

The Three Hoarsemen: Telling a Book by its Cover with Irene Gallo

by Jeff Patterson on 05/29/15

On the latest episode of The Three Hoarsemen, Irene Gallo, Art Director of Tor Books and, talks with us about book covers.

SF Signal and SFBC

by Jeff Patterson on 05/27/15

I am a participant in the latest Mind Meld at SF Signal about writing in another author's universe.

Meanwhile at the Science Fiction Book Club I give a very brief history of City on the Edge of Forever


Wielder of (Little) Influence

by Jeff Patterson on 05/01/15

So, starting this month I am a Reader-Reviewer for the revamped Science Fiction Book Club. Mt first review is for Lev AC Rosen's eco-noir thriller Depth.

It Is May

by Jeff Patterson on 05/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is Dinitrophenol.