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The Three Hoarsemen (Episode 21) Look Kids, COMICS!

by Jeff Patterson on 04/30/15

On the latest installment of The Three Hoarsemen, John E. O. Stevens, Fred Kiesche and I huddle in our fortress made of long boxes to talk about COMICS! With Summer approaching, superhero movies are ramping up, DC and Marvel roll out their massive crossovers, and the wind smells of reboots.

We discuss their experiences with reading comics digitally, the rise of SF/F indie books, and the titles currently delivering the goods. Fred continues his deep dive into generations-worth of continuity and encounters the conundrum of Jean Grey! Duplicitous rogue women appear in long-lived SF properties! And will there ever be a DRM-free collection in our lifetime?

It Is April

by Jeff Patterson on 04/01/15

The Molecule of the Month is Colchicine.

The Three Hoarsemen - Anthologies Old & New

by Jeff Patterson on 03/26/15

On the latest episode we talk about the vast landscape of anthologies. Read Fred's companion piece as well.

The Three Hoarsemen: Leonard Nimoy and Thomas M. Disch

by Jeff Patterson on 03/06/15

In the latest episode of The Three Hoarsemen we talk about the loss of Leonard Nimoy and the SF legacy of authhor Thomas M. Disch.

It is March

by Jeff Patterson on 02/28/15

The Molecule of the Month is Fentanyl.