Tuesday, January 26
WebUrbanist has a great gallery of human habitats on Mars.
And don't forget Mars passes real close this week, which apparently influences Conan O'Brien's future career.

Sunday, January 24
The headline reads: Korean housemaid robot does laundry. By the way, January is almost over. Where is the Robby the Robot USB hub?
io9 addresses a pet peeve of my with its list of 10 Science Fiction Heroes who don't need origin stories.
Jeff Foust of The Space Review informs us that we have too many spaceports.

Thursday, January 21
Behold the Puffin, NASA's personal vertical take-off aircraft.

Wednesday, January 20
Dark Roasted Blend has a creepy gallery of female androids. Design Boom gives us a brief history of female robots. And here's the obligatory list of fictional female robots and cyborgs.

Space.com tells us cosmic currents may move faster than light.

Thursday, January 14
I'm a little late to the game with this, but the religious site Way of Life posted a lovely little post against science fiction.
Meanwhile, Taylor Dinerman at The Space Review looks at how Tintin helped inspire the moon race.
Drawn links to Letterheady, an archive of old letterhead stationery.
Tales of Future Past has a great tribute to Jonny Quest.
Something Awful test drives Roxxxy the Sex Robot.

Monday, January 4
The headline reads: Man wisely surrenders to robot.

The Website @ The End of the Universe has posted their traditional free downloadable pulp SF calendar. Other nifty genre calendars include Retropolis' gorgeous one, and the Vintage SF one from Asgard Press.

At the Space Review Dwayne Day looks at Space fetishism: space activism’s obsession with technological and ideological saviors, while Frank Stratford asks why should humans go to Mars?

Looking ahead, Space.com previews the skywatching highlights of 2010. Centauri Dreamsgives us exoplanetary thoughts for 2010. The Long Now Foundation looks at the long bets for the year. io9 asks if 2010 will be the year of superheroic niceness.

Friday, January 1, 2010
It is January.
The God of the Month is Janus.
The Molecule of the Month is Green Fluorescent Protein.

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