"Biker Mama Killer" to be Released

          Victims' Rights advocates gathered at the State House Yesterday to protest the Parole Board's decision to release convicted murderer Sara Van Houser thirteen years into her thirty five year sentence. Van Houser was sent to the State Correctional Facility for the 1988 killing of Raymond Stefano, a member of the Red Viper Motorcycle Club. Stefano's mother Olympia was present at the demonstration.
          "Allowing this psycho-bitch outta jail is a travesty! " she screamed to lawmakers.
          In testimony during the trial witnesses reported that Van Houser, then 27, had come into the Brickhouse Café late in the evening and interrupted a gathering of the club. After a few drinks she began loudly insulting Stefano, whom she had recently dated, accusing him of sexual inadequacies and low intelligence. Stefano was trying to calm her when she broke a beer bottle over his head and pushed him to wards the pool table. Before anyone cold react she broke a pool cue in half and stabbed him repeatedly in the buttocks with the broken end. Stefano suffered serious damage to his rectum, and died of a heart attack on route to St. Edwards Hospital.
          During the trial the defense claimed that Van Houser suffered from Biker Mama Syndrome, an excessive level of aggression brought on by long term exposure to the Motorcycle Club lifestyle. She was found guilty of murder in the third degree.
          The parole board stated that Van Houser has been undergoing psychological treatment and is ready to return to society.
          During her incarceration Van Houser has had fan clubs sprout up across the country, a popular T-shirt featuring her mug shot with a milk mustache can still be found in some stores, and the Institute of American Slang Linguistics lists a "Van Houser" as a serious injury to the buttocks.