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          During the first week of her reign every heavy metal band, be they professional, burdgeoning, or merely garage, was gathered in the capital square and systematically executed. Dance pop thumped from the public sound system the whole time.
          By the end of the second week, the Palace had been painted pink and yellow, the banners bore bears and unicorns, and the guards had bunny slippers over their jackboots.
          Under threat of death she forced the greatest scientists to carry out her wishes and create her perfect world. Inside of a month all men had nano-transceivers implanted in their forebrains. Ditching a girlfriend's call was no longer an option. Fat free ice cream and snack cakes, with flavor superior to the originals, were plentiful. Mindless replicants of all known heartthrobs toiled in every girl's home.
          She held late night strategy meetings with generals Missy, Charlotte and Monica, brainstorming grand ideas to reshape her new dominion. Parks would be converted to vast mall zones. Comic book shops would be gutted and burned. Slut relocation camps would dot the horizon.
            As the generals giggled and painted neon skull-and-crossbones on each others' nails, she gazed from the balcony at the empire at her feet, and smiled at the triumph of her will.

2002 Bad Day Studio