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"In The Back Room of Villa Rosa"   by Jeff Patterson
Cli Hello, Dannon. Oh please don't get up. Just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on that attack last night. You took out three of my men. Very impressive. I really admire strategy and tactical cunning, it is such a rare and precious trait in men these days. Is that cabernet? May I? Oh!
Quite good. Mind if I sit?
    Now, I'd like to show you some pictures. I'm sure you recognize the view from the security camera at your daughter's house. This first shot is of your son-in-law answering the door. Here he is being knee- capped by my man Eddy. These next few are of Eddy holding him down and forcing him to watch while the rest of my men drag your daughter into the foyer and gang rape her. I love that Persian rug, did you pick that out? It was a waste to stain it up like that. By the way your daughter really has a mouth like a sailor on her. Ah, here's my favorite, this is your granddaughter being entrusted to the tender auspices of the Bartholemew brothers. Don't worry, that syringe is just a sedative. It will be a few days before they start pumping the good stuff into her. They just adore little red-headed girls. They told me at her age they should be able to get four or five films out of her before she is used up. I will make sure they send you copies. Should I put you down for VHS or DVD?
    What? Oh, I would not recommend that. My men are all around the building. By now your guards outside are dead. I also have your wife Estelle being held at an undisclosed location. Her reaction to the pictures was far less eloquent. Quite a vulgar family you have. I think I have one of her fingers here somewhere...ah, here it is. Lovely skin. I've always admired Estelle's hands. Anyway, if I do not return within the hour intact and unharmed Eddy takes a soldering iron and well, the details don't matter.
    Dannon, what is this? Why are you so upset? Surely you were expecting this. You are an educated man, you would not make such violent overtures towards me and mine without expecting equal or greater consequences. I just wanted to tell you how invigorating this has been for me. Quite a treat indeed.
    Challenge? Authority? Oh, my good man, you are so mistaken. First of all, I do not recognize you to have any authority. Your entire hierarchy is a sham, a rusted scaffold that has far outlived its usefulness. We are not peers. You amuse me, aside from that you are an irrelevant tin god unaware of your limitations. You are surplus to my requirements, and continue to exist only because my interest in you is greater than my irritation. You do not own your life, you rent it from me, and the price has just gone up. Secondly, I want you understand something. I hope this has made you mad.
I hope this has enraged you to an inhuman fury, and I pray you pull out every trick you have to get back at me. Bring forth armies against me, Dannon, visit your wrath upon me in great fevered waves. Let abhorrent thoughts of bloody vengeance drive you to the edge of reason. I would enjoy nothing more than to maim, mutilate and violate everything and everyone you value. You have another daughter in college, don't you? And a mistress a couple towns over? And let's not forget your

mother. I will do my best to defile all of it and send it back to you in pieces. I live for this, good man. Nothing tantalizes me more than absolute desecration on a grand scale. Epic, wrongminded misbehavior in widescreen, bezerker mode. This is my sport, and I am flush at the prospect. I sincerely hope you will not disappoint me.
    Now you must excuse me, I must check in on dear Estelle. She is still quite an attractive woman. I think I will give her to Eddy when this is over. Thank you for the wine.

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