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Friday, December 31
This morning I got stuck in traffic behind a beat up Toyota Corolla with a licence plate that read "ELVIS." SO here's a bunch of sites about vanity plates.

Thursday, December 30
The passing of Jerry Orbach reminds me of how many famous folks died this year.

On a lighter note, here's Dave Barry's 2004 in Review, which is always good for a laugh.

Wednesday, December 29
Wanna get answers from a megalomaniac? Ask Ming. I'd like to know how he went from being somewhat militaristic to looking a little flamboyant.

I'm starting my Christmas list for next year. On top of the list is this desktop hypnodisk and a periodic table that's actually a table.

Some of you may be too young to remember the halcyon days when the covers of Heavy Metal Magazine didn't just feature large-breasted women with swords and guns. Used to be they had all kinds of freaky covers like this, this, this and this. Here's a gallery.
And while we're at it, here are galleries of comics with UFOs and flying saucers on the covers, Timely-Atlas horror comics, and Weird Tales covers (although I cannot get it to load correctly).

Tuesday, December 28
Recommended Readin': Here's Modern Drunkard's guide to surviving the holidays.
Guy P. Hamilton of Free Inquiry applies some strict moral standards to God.
Jo Twist of the BBC shows us a sweet-looking steam-powered car.

For those who care, there's an ancient photo of me in rotation on the Punyhumanviewer sidebar of Warren Ellis' Die Puny Humans blog.

The Map Room has posted this excellent site which archives maps of amusement parks.

Monday, December 27
In the future, your clothing will act as solar panels, parachutes will be a thing of the past, and you'll be able to download your mind into a computer.

New Scientist takes a look back at 2004 with a Space Year in Review, while challenges us with a Space Quiz.

Saturday, December 25
It's Christmas. Due to the fact that I have a girlfriend who's quite adept at buying gifts for a raging geek, I now have a nautical hourglass, a replica of Newton's telescope, and my very own Robosapien.

Friday, December 24
It's Christmas Eve. Here's Scott Shaw's remembrance of Santa the Barbarian from Comic Book Resources, the very cool Holiday greeting from Mondolithic Studios, the annual NORAD Santa Tracker, and WPIX's online Yule Log. Have a good one.

Thursday, December 23
Mark Williams of Technology Review takes a look Towards a New Vision of Space Flight.

For No Good Reason: Here's a bunch of images featuring that perennial science fiction trope the Jet Pack. Here's how they work.

Wednesday, December 22
Talking about Comics: Steven Grant looks back at 2004 at Comic Book Resources.
Alex de Campi of Ninth Art discusses John Byrne, Warren Ellis, and deadlines.
John Byrne tells us why he won't go to anymore conventions at UGO Comics.

Goin' to Church: The First Church of the Last Laugh. The Church of the Machine. The Church of the Gerbil. The First Church of Pac-Man. The First Church of Dan Aykroyd. The Church of Spock. The First Church of Shatnerology (which has a Christmas page). The Church of Nothing at All.

Tuesday, December 21
Behold the glorious Jet-Powered Outhouse.

Space site Red Nova reports that the sun is entering Ophiuchus, the little-known 13th house of the zodiac.

Currently making the rounds on the blogosphere: A robot that paints to Rush tunes.

Recommended Readin': Jason SIlverman of Wired looks at superheroes in Hollywood.
Dale Carrico of Better Humans explains The Trouble with Transhumanism.
Julian Sanchez of Reason examines recent allegations that Christmas is under attack.
Gene Emery of CSICOP looks back at some psychic predictions for 2004.

As has become customary on the Solstice, this year's Bad Day Studio Holiday Card is now online. It's a rather sizable far-future ditty called The Snowman's Tale.

Monday, December 20's Webguide links to the Starship Schematic Database, which hosts detailed layouts of ships from Star Trek, Bab 5, Galactica and Starblazers.

Geekpress links to this neat BBC story about scientists crocheting chaos.

Sunday, December 19
Was anyone else aware that there was an unaired remake of Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl produced in 2001? With Markie Post no less.

Friday, December 17
Nothing says "hip, trendy, fashion-conscious comic book character" like a big collar. DC Comics has a few good examples, like Dr. Fate, Mister Miracle, the Black Racer, Tyroc, and The Wonder Twins. The title goes to Marvel for such glorious neck adornments as those sported by Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, Black Panther, Moondragon, The Vision, The Grandmaster, Baron Mordo, Black Tom, The Mandarin, and Count Nefaria. Even such god-like beings as The Beyonder and Eternity show a little style. And Dormammu and Annihilus both have some funky nearwear. Update: I am reminded that both Mentor and Uatu need to be on this list.
The biggest collar award has to go to Spawn. Although Hela comes in a close second.
Oh, let's take another gander at Tyroc's costume, shall we?

Thursday, December 16
The Klingon Elvis has left the building. Perhaps he went to the Church of the Sub-Klingon.

More Holiday goodness as Tony Whitt of Cinescape looks at some classic Christmas comics and Steven Grant of Comic Book Resources warms up to the holiday.

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