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Thursday, November 22
Happy Thanksgiving. Here's what some supervillains are thankful for. gives us the Top 10 Space Foods.

New Scientist looks at science tattoos. Any geek cred I may have pales compared to a man who gets the periodic table tattooed on his arm.

I don't know which I enjoy more: the fact that a Christian activist is suing Jerry Springer: The Opera for blasphemy, or the fact that Springer is being played by David Soul.
Even better: the New York production will star Harvey Keitel next year.

Monday, November 19
In case you missed Alan Moore's appearance on The Simpsons.

Sunday, November 18
The headline reads "robot guitar tunes itself."

For those who care, the Dr. Who sequence from the Children in Need special where David Tennant meets Peter Davison is all over YouTube.

Thursday, November 15 informs us of the existence of a comet bigger than the sun.

Wednesday, November 14
Celebrate today's release of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier with the a two-part interview with Alan Moore at Mania and a discussion at Comic Book Resources.
It should also come as no surprise that Jess Nevins' annotations for the book are already online.

Monday, November 12
Dwayne A. Day of The Space Review gives his theory as to why everyone suddenly wants to go to the moon.

Saturday, November 10
Here's some neat retrosexy concept art for the Strato Cruiser Airship.

Friday, November 9
Bill Christensen at informs us that the radio emissions from Saturn resemble the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet. It would've been cooler if it resembled the soundtrack to Fantastic Planet.

George Dvorsky asks: What does Transhumanism mean to you?

Thursday, November 8
Am I Blue?: Kree. Atlantaeans. Zatoans. Oans. Andorians. Bolians. Delvians. Mikaal Tomas.
Blue Meanies. Dr. Manhattan. Blooregard Q. Kazoo. Goo. Blue Man Group.

Wednesday, November 7
We live in a world where holograms replace runway models at fashion shows.

Tuesday, November 6
I apologize for my sparse and inconsistant blogging lately. My work schedule has been rough, and I spent most of my free time looking for another job.

Sunday, November 4
The amazing Dial B For Blog has returned! And kicks off with an in-depth look at the Seinfeld/Superman connection.

Reality Carnival links to this awesome video montage of 100 movie quotes featuring the numbers 1 - 100 in descending order.

Thursday, November 1
It is November.
The God of the Month is Death, The Ultimate Egalitarian.
The Molecule of the Month is Nitric Acid.

New Scientist Space tells us black holes may contain entire universes.

This week both the existence of dark matter and impact extinction theory have been called into question.

Good News: It looks like Joel Hodgson is getting the original MST3K crew back together for a new project. Also Mike Nelson's Riff Trax have added many recent genre films to their catalog.

Wednesday, October 31
A moment of silence, please, for Mr. Robert Goulet. May he still mess with your stuff.

Retrocrush gives us the worst Halloween costumes of all time.

Monday, October 29
Via Coudal comes this fascinating piece from Cabinet Magazine called A Minor History of Giant Spheres. Coudal notes the absence of the Death Star, but also missing are Perry Rhodan's ship, the Borg sphere, and Galactus' sphere (as opposed to the twisty thing he rides around in), as are Bernal Spheres.

Sunday, October 28
SciFi Tech gives us the futuresexy 2057 Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow, as well as the Suzuki's one-person PIXY.

Wired has a bevy of photos from Japan's Great Robot Exhibition.

Thursday, October 25
Assorted Items: The headline reads: "A one-eyed robot can do pushups on command."
How have we possibly existed so long without a book called Captain Kirk's Guide to Women?
You can vote for finalists at the Marvel Costume Contest. Although the Sandman is pretty good I gotta go with J. Jonah Jameson.

Tuesday, October 23
Because There's No Such Thing As Too Much Free Time, Metafilter links to Nad Shot, a photoblog of comic book panels featuring assaults on the groin.

Assorted Items: Modern Drunkard goes Barhopping Through History, and lists the 12 Most Important Drinks of the Day.
There's gonna be a meeting of Two Doctors for charity next month.
We live in a world where universities compete to build the most powerful antimatter beam.

Monday, October 22
Recommended Readin': Nader Elhefnawy of The Space Review looks back at the cold war weaponization of space that never happened.
Michael Cassutt of SciFi Weekly celebrates SF's recent spate of popularity.
Mark Anderson of Wired looks at the race to detect gravity waves.

Sunday, October 21
Via SF Signal, appreciations of Cordwainer Smith from Graham Sleight at Locus, Jeff VanderMeer, and Fred Kiesche.

Thursday, October 18
Steven Grant at Comic Book Resources chimes in on the looming Hollywood writers stike.

Natalie Haynes of the New Humanist discusses the resurgence of SF and fantasy on TV, returning (as always) to the tired argument that SF's job is to act as metaphor.

Wednesday, October 17
Warren Ellis has a short story in Forbes.

Futurismic links to this story about Ray Kurzweil's The SIngularity is Near: The Movie.

Tuesday, October 16
The Mondolithic image of the week is a very cool Interzone cover called Metal Dragon Year.

Popular Science explains the brain functions behind mind tricks such as Déjà Vu and that nagging sensation that you're being watched, while New Scientist informs us that Microsoft plans on reading data straight from a user's brain.

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